Biennale de Venise 2020
Les habitants de Soweto, 2004 © Christophe Hutin

17th Venice International Architecture Biennale

  • Venise
22 May 2021
The architect and educator Christophe Hutin is the curator of the French Pavilion, presenting the project "Les communautés en œuvre" (Communities at Work).

In response to the question posed by Director Hashim Sarkis, "How will we live together?”, he has chosen to deal with the way residential communities shape their living environments. Sixcase studies from around the world (South Africa, France, Vietnam, etc.) will be presented in the form of documentary videos alongside a schedule of events.

Led by the Institut français with the support of the Ministry of Culture, this project is being conducted in partnership with the production company "Écrans du Monde". The Venice Biennale will be held from 22nd May to 21th November 2021.