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Films supported by the Institut français at the Locarno Film Festival

Updated on 19/08/2019

The 72nd edition of the Locarno Film Festival took place from 7 to 17 August 2019


29 feature films were presented in the various sections, including LA FIEVRE (FEVER), in an international competition, produced by the Brazilian Maya Da-Rin, who participated in the Institut français’ Fabrique Cinéma programme in 2016 and received support from l’Aide aux cinémas du monde (Aid for World Cinema) programme in the same year.

Two other films supported by l’Aide aux cinémas du monde (the support fund co-managed by the Institut français and the National Centre for Cinema and Animated Image ) were presented in the different sections:  Yokogao (A Girl Missing) by Koji Fukada, presented in international competition, and 143, rue du Désert by Hassen Ferhani (Algeria) in the filmmakers’ section.


LA FIEVRE (FEVER) by Maya Da-Rin (Brazil, France)

In Manaus, an industrial city in the heart of the Amazon forest, Justino, a 45-year-old Amerindian, works in a commercial port. His daughter is preparing to leave for Brasilia to follow medical studies there. Faced with the solitude of his modest house and convinced of being pursued by a wild animal, Justino is seized by a mysterious fever.

Justino, a 45-year-old Desana native, is a security guard at Manaus harbour. As his daughter prepares to study medicine in Brasilia, Justino is taken over by a mysterious fever.


YOKOGAO by Kôji Fukada (Japan – France)

Ichiko is a domestic nurse. One day, a member of her family abducts the granddaughter of one of her patients. Ichiko then becomes the victim of a media lynching initiated by Motoko, a close friend with ambiguous ties to her. There is the solitude of a woman who is going to lose everything, as well as her attempt at an absurd revenge.


143 RUE DU DESERT by Hassen Ferhani (Algeria – France- Qatar):

In the Algerian desert, in her relay, a woman writes her history. In the Algerian desert in her relay, for a cigarette, a coffee or eggs, a woman welcomes truckers, vagabonds and dreams...her name is Malika.