Quatuor Impact
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French New Music Focus


Updated on 30/09/2019

From September 30th till October 4th2019, 40 international presenters from all over the world will be invited to France to experience the fertility and diversity of French musical creation. This talents scouting trip is co-organized by Institut français, Bureau Export, FEVIS, Futurs Composés, Onda and Sacem.

The Focus will take place in Reims, Strasbourg and Metz (East of France), in partnership with the City of Strasbourg, and is created to promote French contemporary music artists(composers, ensembles), to foreign professionals(festivals and concert halls artistic directors, promoters, etc). The goal is to foster professional exchangesand to create opportunities for new international collaborations.

The trip will start in Reims, with showcases of musicians in residency at Césaré, National Center for New Music. The next three days will take place in Strasbourg, in the framework of Musica Festival, with a line up including emerging and more confirmed artists: Quatuor Impact, Quatuor Bela, Ensemble Linea, Julien Desprez, Ensemble Hiatus, … The international presenters will have the opportunity to meet artists and their management through panels and speed-meeting sessions. A meeting will be organised withFrench presenters, in order to develop new partnerships. A selection of French new music publisherswill also introduce some emblematic projects from their rosters. The last step of the Focus will take place in Metz, where the international presenters will discover the composers and ensembles in residency in the amazing Arsenal concert hall.

The invitation of international professionals is supported by the French cultural network.

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