Ride&Camp (Pristina) - FACE NORD 2 © Rrahman Osmani
Ride&Camp (Pristina) - FACE NORD 2 © Rrahman Osmani

Ride & Camp : contemporary circus across the Balkans


Updated on 19/09/2019

With the support of the specialised representative organisation TEATROSKOP(a network for the development of live performances in south-eastern Europe, supported by the Institut français of Serbia), theCity of Lilleand the Hauts-de-France Region, as part of their partnerships with the Institut français and with the support of the cultural network locally, the Ride & Camp project increases the impact and visibility of contemporary circus in the Balkans.

The final stage of the project, in September and October 2019, will include educational events, talks and shows in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Tirana, Timisoara and Rijeka.

The Project

Ride & Camp is a nomadic circus adventure, designed and built by the company Un Loup pour l’Homme, which set off in search of partners in Central and South-Eastern Europe to create collaborative opportunities for encounters and artistic initiatives.

After a planning stage in 2018, in 2019 the artistic team is setting up 12 sites in 6 countries in the Western Balkans: Zagreb, Pula, Split and Rijeka (Croatia), Celje (Slovenia), Novi Sad and Belgrade (Serbia), Pristina (Kosovo), Tirana (Albania), Timisoara (Romania). 

At each stage, the activities are based on what makes the Un Loup pour l’Homme company what it is: its members, its shows (Face NordandRare Birds), its expertise, its knowledge of the contemporary circus, its appetite for sharing, and its distinct taste for celebration. The artists are travelling in search of the energies, organisations, artists and institutions, both at home and abroad, which are supporting the emergence of the contemporary circus in this region. 

By assisting in the creation of Ride & Camp, the specialist representative organisation Teatroskop and the Institut français are committing to supporting the development of circus in the Balkans by promoting the activities and projects implemented by local players, to raise awareness among the public authorities and programmers of the power of contemporary circus as a tool for attracting new audiences and experimenting with new aesthetics.


  • 12th to 15th September - Tirana (Albania)

Workshop with the Albanian Circus School


  • 20th September 2019 - Novi Sad (Serbia)

Performance of Rare Birds. 


  • From 22nd to 28th September - Belgrade (Serbia), as part of the Cirkobalkana festival

Circle of creativity – workshopsfor young circus artists from France, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia and the presentation of a short performance.

Performance of Face NordandRare Birds (co-presented with the BITEF festival),workshop, blind walk, public and professional meetings, etc.


  • 30th September to 6th October - Timisoara (Romania)

awareness-raising activities, performance of Face Nord andRare Birds


  • October 10th to 11th – Rijeka (Croatia)

workshop and performance of Face Nord


Partners in the Balkans

  • Croatia

Cirkobalkana, Cirkorama, Čarobnjakov Šešir, ZPC – Zagrebački Plesni Centar, Room 100, PUF Festival, Periskop Festival, Institut français of Croatia

  • Slovenia

Cirkokrog, Zavod Celeia Celje, Institut français of Slovenia

  • Kosovo

Oda Teater, French Embassy in Kosovo

  • Albania

Institut français of Albania, Albanian National Circus

  • Serbia

Cirkusfera, Novi Sad's Children's and Serbian National Theatre festival, Kultura Nova, OPENS 2019, European Youth Capital, BITEF Festival, Institut français of Serbia

  • Romania

Circ Timisoara Scoala, Timisoara 2021, European Capital of Culture, Institut français of Romania