Screening Berlin © Gilbert Hage
Screening Berlin © Gilbert Hage

The Institut français supports the Lebanese artistic scene

Updated on 16/10/2020

Considering Lebanon’s unprecedented crisis, the Institut français, in collaboration with the Institut français du Liban, supports Lebanese artists thanks to the deployment of exceptional residency opportunities in France through its program at the Cité internationale des arts.

From October 2020, eight Lebanese artists will be in residence in Paris for a period of three months in order to develop a research and creation project. These artists, coming from all artistic disciplines, will be supported by the Institut français for the development of their projects.

The implementation of an emergency program at fall 2020

Five artists are the beneficiaries of an exceptional program created and funded by the Institut français in response to the current crisis faced by Lebanon. 


Gilbert Hage I Photography

"Being a photographer is working alone to reach out to others. And it is exactly this reach that interests me. Throughout my professional career, I have constantly maintained a close relationship with human reality in all that it has in common and singular in everyday life." During his residence in Paris, the Lebanese photographer Gilbert Hage sets out to meet subjects of inspiration and representation, in a quest for realism and authenticity.


Karen Keyrouz I Comic arts

As a young comic artist of the emerging scene and member of the Samandal collective, she participated in projects implemented as part of the year of the comic arts (residencies, exhibition as part of the festival). Her residency project, at the crossroads of several disciplines (comics, visual arts, music), consists of an album based on the technique of "paréidolie" which will manifest itself on pages (printed) as well as through a direct performance (the drawn concert).


Nasri Sayegh I Multidisciplinary

As a multidisciplinary artist, Nasri Sayegh has developed many projects in all fields. His residency project, mixing sounds, photos, videos, performance, is entitled "Violets for my Furs and/or Where no one else can see" and will be an expedition through the real archives of a man in search of his origin. Imagined between Berlin and Beirut, it is in Paris that the artist intends to examine, then draw the lines of this story.


Nathalie Harb I Scenography, architecture, public space

As a scenographer, Nathalie Harb has worked for the theater or film scene, but also on a larger scale, dealing with the city and public space. Her work explores people’s rights to the city in relation to the privatization of spaces, and intersects the notions of habitat, intimate spaces and places of refuge, as well as their impact on the emotional and psychic state of the citizen. In Paris, she wishes to meet local practices and actors in order to deepen her research on the link and dislocation between private and public space.

A constant support to the Lebanese artistic scene

In addition, the Institut français and the Institut français du Liban provide constant support to the Lebanese artistic creation. In October 2020, three other artists selected within the framework of the calls for applications of the Institut français at the Cité internationale des arts will also be welcomed in Paris.


Anas Albraehe I Visual arts

As a painter, Anas Albraehe is working on a series entitled Mother Earth in which he explores, through an in-depth color work, the link with the earth and the ancient deities. The culmination of this residency will be the organization of an open studio with his first works, followed by a second exhibition at the Saleh Barakat Gallery, in Beirut.


Myriam El Hajj I Cinema

Myriam El Hajj is a director and actress. Her first feature-length documentary, Trêve, premiered at the Visions du Réel festival in Nyon and then at the Entrevues de Belfort. The film won several awards including the Prix Découverte Audiovisuelle de la SCAM. In residence at the Cité internationale des arts, she is working on the screenplay of her first feature fiction film, Commedia, produced by Abbout productions.


Yara Bou Nassar I Pluridisciplinary

Yara Bou Nassar is a performance artist, theater director and writer. In residency in Paris, she is developing a performance project that deals with the story of her own family's migration when her parents decided to leave Paris for Beirut in 1981, just 48 hours before the war broke out. Yara Bou Nassar embarks on a journey in the footsteps of her parents to research the history of some of the places they lived in and the memories made in those places.

This operation to support Lebanese artists will be continued until 2021 through the deployment of a broader program of residencies and exchanges in France.  

Every year, the Institut français, with the support and by delegation of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, subscribers of studios at the Cité internationale des arts, allows international artists to benefit from a residency in the heart of Paris