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Digital creation in France: a guide of the available grants and supports


Updated on 05/01/2021

In the frame of its actions to accompany the digital artistic creation, the HACNUM network (national network of hybrid arts and digital creations) has put together a guide of the available grants and supports towards digital creation, in collaboration with the General Direction for Artistic Creation of the French Ministry of Culture.

This guide was primarily created for the artists working with the digital medium, regularly or occasionally. It also addresses all the cultural professionals since it acts as a resource, a directory and a presentation tool to better understand the digital creation.

It proposes:

  • A directory of the financial supports, residency programs, grants and prizes
  • Six interviews with artists which pinpoint the grant programs, the needs and requirements at stake for the field of artistic digital creation.
  • Documentary resources, calls for projects, lists of institutions that operate in this ecosystem.

This guide intends to gather the information and emphasize the existing support programs and to shed light on the vibrant digital arts ecosystem.