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Report of the Ministry of Culture on the French ecosystem of podcast


Updated on 05/01/2021

In a few years, the podcasts offer has experienced a very strong growth, due to the increase of the consumption of audio contents and the emergence of new players offering original offers. The technological innovations have also facilitated the access to podcasts and transformed the French listening habits.

In this context, the Ministry of Culture recently released the report  "The ecosystem of podcasts: issues of sovereignty, regulation and support for digital audio creation sector" directed by Nicole Phoyu-Yedid and François Hurard, General Inspectors of Cultural Affairs.


This report provides for the first time an in-depth analysis of the business model of digital audio contents. The ecosystem that has developed around podcasts has allowed the emergence of a very rich offer, which meets the expectations of a young audience. But the sector still remains characterized by unbalanced relations between authors, producers and distributors and by a fragile financing model.

The authors of the report made several proposals aimed at assisting the consolidation of the French podcast industry and suggest the establishment of new mechanisms to encourage the diversity of the offer and ensure a fairer sharing of value.

The Minister of Culture has announced that full attention will be given to these proposals, in coordination with the professionals of the sector.