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The site is 1 year old!


Updated on 16/12/2019

A year ago, in January 2019, the new website of the Institut français was born with a completely redesigned approach and content, to better meet the expectations of artists, professionals and culture lovers from all over the world. A brief overview of the essential sections.

Editorial formats for everyone

From visual arts to the debate of ideas, from theatre to the French language, from digital technology to the humanities, “encounters”, “portraits”, “portfolios”, “zooms” and “works” allow you to discover or rediscover the wealth of French and foreign cultural creation, whether emerging or more established. 

The “Grenouilles” (“Frogs”) game invites you to have fun with idiomatic expressions from all over the world! The game is mainly about guessing the meaning of an expression based on its illustration or linking an expression to a country.

The "Institut français" section presents the missions and highlights of an institution dedicated to promoting French culture and dialogue with foreign cultures.

The “Espace professionnel” (“Professional space”) section references all the programmes and provides tools and resources for cultural action outside France.

The “carte de la culture française dans le monde” (“world map of French culture”) section maps the entire cultural diplomatic network, made up of the Instituts français, Alliances françaises and the cultural services of embassies and consulates, and a selection of events that showcase French culture throughout the world.


Find all the content already available on

  • 300 works in all areas of artistic creation
  • 100 portraits of artists and cultural professionals
  • 50 meetings with contemporary cultural players
  • 50 zooms so you don’t miss out on the latest artistic creations
  • 30 portfolios to view a project, artist or theme


Each week the following are also offered:

  • 2 original works
  • newportraits
  • 1 portfolio
  • 1 encounter, to read or watch
  • 1 zoom on an exhibition, international tour or event


1.5 million internet users have welcomed this new version of the institutfranç website, which has seen a 150% increase in traffic since it was launched. 

Thank you to all of you who increasingly participate every month in celebrating culture!