Café Europa 2022

Café Europa

  • Europe
05 - 05 March 2022
Public debate
On the occasion of the French Presidency of the European Union, the Institut français is launching "Café Europa 2022", a morning of debates on the future and freedom of the press, which will take place on 5 March 2022 in iconic cafés in the European public space.

In a period when the European press is facing multiple challenges posed by the evolution of technologies, economic models and links with the political and public spheres, the Institut français and the French cultural network abroad are proposing, on 5 March 2022, a major morning event devoted to the place of the media in the European public space.

In a time of fake news and conspiracy theories, the event invites young journalists in training in all the countries of the European Union to debate with French and European professionals. From the regional press to national dailies, from book reviews to general and specialised weeklies, what form does the media of today take and what role will it play in public debate tomorrow?

The event takes place in cafés that have played a central role historically in the development of public opinion in Europe, as places where the press is read and where clubs, salons and think tanks are held.

During breakfast and the morning papers, for two hours, from Berlin to Rome, Helsinki to Ljubljana, the event invites the general public, French and European editorial offices, schools and postgraduate students in journalism from each member state of the European Union to exchange views on new forms of journalism and the fight against false news, with a view to the emergence of a strong discourse on press freedom at a European Union level.