Homo Machina
Homo Machina© Darjeeling

  • Monde
31 December 2019
The Institut français presents the website, dedicated to independent French video games, in the footsteps of (focused on immersive realities), (for innovations in the field of books) and (dedicated to transmedia projects and web creation).

Independent, cultural, educational and artistic video games are showcased on this dedicated, interactive and bilingual website. This digital overview is supported by a travelling exhibition (Please play! [“S’il vous PLAY!”]) which is available to the entire diplomatic cultural network. 

At the crossroads of audiovisual technology, immersive experiences, education, visual arts and even public debate, French creation in this field reveals its diversity and originality.

With this website and travelling exhibition, the Institut français is hoping to contribute to a better understanding of video games and their cultural applications in order to support the promotion of this sector abroad and encourage other activities focused on its appreciation and distribution.