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international cultural figures and professionals

The Institut français invites personalities from all over the world to develop their knowledge of the French scene or strengthen their skills in service of their own projects.


The Institut français develops programmes specifically designed to offer foreign professionals who are influential in their fields a better understanding of the French arts scene.


The “Focus” programme enables directors, young curators, art critics, producers, managers of cultural venues, etc. to attend the most iconic events in their respective fields (festivals, biennials, fairs, etc.) and meet French professionals in order to promote international exchange and cooperation.


Other mechanisms are designed to support the emergence of foreign talent and young influencers from abroad. Focused on cultural and social entrepreneurship and new kinds of influencers, the Institut français "Labs" programmes function as think-tanks, educational incubators and international support schemes. As part of a process of dialogue between different societies, they thus provide strategic support to tomorrow's leaders of the economic, social and cultural life of their countries.