Nuit des idées
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La Nuit des idées (“Night of Ideas”)

  • Monde
25 January 2018
Public debate
An open invitation to all institutions of culture and knowledge in France and around the world, the third Nuit des idées in 2018 will be a means of sharing knowledge and reflections, across nations, disciplines and generations.

Organised since 2016 by the Institut français, this iconic event is a highly-anticipated date on the calendar of cultural events which represent France's international influence.

The Nuit des idées, through the global network of Instituts français, cultural services of French embassies, Alliances françaises, museums, universities, art centres, research centres, libraries, and theatres, builds a sustainable “diplomacy of ideas” which is open to a rich variety of thoughts, interactions and dialogues.  

This year, more than 100 events in 50 countries are addressing "Power to imagination", a call to discuss the legacy of 1968.