Villa Saïgon
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2020 residents at the Villa Saigon

Visual arts

Updated on 06/03/2020

The final selection committee for the Villa Saigon selected 13 projects with close links to Vietnam to be undertaken by 13 artists and creators who will spend between 1-3 months in residence in Ho Chi Minh City over the course of 2020.

The final selection committee chose the following candidates:

Villa Saigon Program:

  • Emmanuelle Huynh – Dance Performance
  • Mai-Thu Perret – Visual Arts
  • Alexis Jestin – Dance Performance
  • Constance Meffre – Visual Arts
  • Prune Phi – Visual Arts
  • Kim-Sanh Châu – Dance Performance
  • Olivier Crouzel – Cinema, Video
  • Véronique Caye – Cinema, Video
  • Keen Souhlal – Visual Arts
  • Anna Moï – Book


Villa Saigon x A.Farm Program:

  • Julia Dreiski – Visual Arts
  • Maxence Hamard – Visual Arts


The Villa Saigon and The Villa Saigon x A.Farm Programs aim to strengthen ties between France and Vietnam in all disciplines, by fostering active collaboration and encouraging long-lasting partnerships between French artists and collectives and Vietnam cultural partners.


Villa Saigon x CALQ (Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec) Program:

  • Trong Khoa Lê – Cinema, Video


These 13 French artists’ projects would establish strong working relationships on the local vietnamese scene. Two of them will be hosted and supported by the vietnamese Artists’Residency A.Farm, within the framework of The Villa Saigon for the first time.

The Villa Saigon Programs are supported by The Residency Factory of Institut français Paris.