Festival de marionnettes Charleville 2019
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First Puppet Focus in France


Updated on 16/09/2019

With the support of the French cultural network abroad, the Institut Français is partnering with the 20thedition of the World Puppet Theatre Festival and La Collaborative (a gathering of regional broadcasting agencies) to offer a Puppet Focus in Charleville-Mézières from 21st to 24th September 2019. Extending the “Objects on Stage” project carried out in North America, this Focus is centred around young audiences and the aesthetic renewal of Puppetry and Theatre of Objects. 

Thanks to the involvement of the French cultural network, the Institut Français is inviting around twenty international programmers from over 15 countries to come and discover the world’s largest gathering of puppeteers. On the cutting edge of contemporary creation, the 20thedition of the World Puppet Theatre Festival highlights projects by companies’ from the Grand-Est region, as well as the Théâtre de la Licorne and the North American puppeteer Basil Twist. 

The first Focus dedicated to Puppets will highlight the diversity of aesthetics and materials and the innovation present in this art form. Whether they choose to re-purpose everyday objects or use raw materials (paper, clay, rope, synthetics), to create animated installations or blend bodies, objects and images, contemporary puppetry artists are all passionate about expanding their audiences. Over the years, the Charleville-Mézières festival has proven the status of puppetry as an art for adult audiences, which is also adept at using highly inventive and original forms to reach the youngest viewers. The Focus will draw on this diversity to promote cutting-edge artists, creating for audiences young and old alike. 

The Focus guests will discover a dozen shows. They will take part in several professional gatherings which will facilitate networking between French and international programmers. Round tables will offer reflections on the obstacles and opportunities related to the international distribution of shows, a presentation of projects organised by La Collaborative, and an open discussion around digital creation. 


  • Cactus / Cie AMK
  • Alors carcasse / Trois six trente 
  • Place des Anges / Cie Gratte-Ciel 
  • Le rêve d’une ombre / La main d’œuvre 
  • On était une fois / 36 du mois
  • Ambregris / Antliaclastes
  • L’enfant / Théâtre de l’entrouvert
  • L’homme qui plantait des arbres / Les chiennes savantes 
  • Macbêtes / Le Théâtre de la Licorne 
  • Gimme shelter (Donne-moi un abri) / Cie Yôkaï
  • Milieu et alentour / TJP
  • Le complexe de Chita / Tro Héol