Les collectifs 2019
Portrait de groupe © Matière Revue

The two winning projects of the Les Collectives residency programme

Visual arts

Updated on 10/02/2020

The two winning projects are :

Matière Revue (Revisited Materials)

Matière Revue is a collective of four members from various backgrounds (film maker, visual artist, political science researcher and art researcher) who develop practical and theoretical research on the issues involved in experimenting in and learning revisited materials. Since 2016, the collective has worked with several employees to design activities such as radio broadcasts, video production, cooking experiments, a silver laboratory, weekly meetings, temporary exhibitions, residencies and workshops. It is particularly interested in everything that emerges from insignificant, useless, forgotten or purely imaginary materials. Through these materials, it undertakes a search for dissonance, difference and heterogeneity. As such, it does not view them as objects with well-defined contours and functions, but as continuous and simultaneous processes of formation and deformation. The creation takes place here through the friction of raw materials, and diversion, translation and movement are understood as tools of their artistic creations. 


The project

Radio broadcasts, insignificant noise, political discourse, popular music, testimonials, various cacophonies on the edge of the Macedonian borders: the collective plans to undertake a sound navigation whose route is traced by radio frequencies and electromagnetic interference that intersect their recording space. Using modular wave reception tools, such as the CB radio and conventional radio, the aim is to create a new cartography guided by sound material that is not limited to established territories but which seeks the edge of borders to (re)trace and (re)direct it. 

Lapin-Canard (Rabbit-Duck)

Lapin-Canard is a collective project founded in Paris, Belleville in 2015 for publishing, distributing and celebrating artists’ posters . After publishing more than 150 posters, organising 40 celebrations in Paris and elsewhere (Geneva, Berlin, Toulouse and Brussels) and two first retrospective exhibitions, Lapin-Canard wishes to make use of its light and friendly format to meet new artistic scenes.


The "Europa Tour" project takes the form of a tour to four cities - Belfast, Prague, Naples and Porto - each representing a cardinal point in European space. Each station will be the subject of a week-long residency inaugurated by the presentation of a dozen posters of local artists in the usual form of a holiday where the scene will be hosted. This will allow informal and serendipitous meetings to be extended over the following days. At each new station, the posters from the previous station will be part of the new display, until the final exhibition which will bring together, in Paris, the 40 or so artists’ posters produced.


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