GOSH! (“BIGRE!”), by the Le fils du grand réseau company
© Fabienne Rappeneau

Theatre of Objects in North America


Updated on 16/09/2019

A highlight around the theater of objects takes place from January 4 to July 30, 2019 in the United States, Canada and Quebec: 27 partners in 11 cities host 16 companies for 17 shows, collaborations, residencies and workshops.

The vitality of the French puppetry and Theatre of Objects scene, a global leader when it comes to innovation and contemporary works in this field, will be particularly on display in the United States, Canada and Quebec, thanks to the presence of many French companies from January to July of 2019.

The Institut français and French cultural services in the United States and Canada are working together to catch the eye of programmers and highlight the diversity of possible aesthetics and dialogues between Theatre, Circus, Dance, bodies and objects. Puppetry is shaking off its old image, with high-quality shows for all audiences, including children and young people as well as adult audiences interested in live performance.

To bring the partners together, three key moments in January, March and July offer extended programming. And every month at least one show is presented in the region. So many opportunities to invite professionals to discover the new French creative scene and artists from the surrounding area.

A professional tour at the Charleville Mézières World Puppet Theatre Festival will complete this festival highlight, where many North American programmers will be invited to discover other types of Theatre of Objects.

11 cities

Vancouver, Whitehorse, Saguenay, Montréal, Calgary, Banff, Toronto / New-York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta


27 partenaires 

  • Etats-Unis : APAP New York, Under The Radar Festival-The Public Theater, New York; SALON IPAY (International Performing Arts for Youth), Philadelphia; International Puppetry Theater Festival, Chicago; Center for Puppetry Arts, Atlanta; HERE Arts Center, New York.
  • Canada : Push Festival, Vancouver ; Yukon Arts Center, Whitehorse ;  Canadian Stage, Toronto ; La Tohu, La Chapelle, Festival Les Casteliers, Montréal ; Biennale FIAMS, Saguenay ; Festival de Calgary ; Banff Center of Fine Arts ; Festival Petit bonheur, Festival Trans Amérique (tbc), Montréal ;
  • France : TJP Strasbourg, Spectacle vivant Bretagne : délégation de 5 compagnies bretonnes et 4 programmateurs bretons au festival Les Castelliers à Montréal. Nombreuses collaborations artistiques, workshops, table-rondes et rencontres professionnelles.


16 shows / 17 companies

  • Ingvild Aspeli, Cie Plexus Polaire - Chambre Noire + Cendres
  • Compagnie La Pendue  -Tria Fata
  • Compagnie Non Nova – Phia Menard - L’Après-midi d’un Foehn Version 1
  • Compagniel’Immédiat – Camille Boitel - L’Homme de Hus
  • Renaud Herbin - MILIEU
  • Blick Theater - [Hullu]
  • Pierre Guillois / Le Fils du Grand Réseau - BIGRE !
  • Le Clan des songes - Bout à Bout
  • Cie S’appelle Reviens (Alice Laloy) - Pinocchio
  • Le Vent des Forges - Brut
  • Théâtre sans Toît - Cubix
  • Les Antliaclastes - La Valse des Hommelettes
  • Cie du Roi Zizo - I Killed The Monster
  • Collaboration franco-québécoise : Celle qui marche Loin : Cie du Roi Zizo (France) et Cie Ombres folles(Québec)