La Femme

Nothing is fixed. La Femme is a solar system. We don’t like the idea that we could have a leader or a head: everyone brings what they want and what they can.

From Basque Country to the largest festivals in the world, in just two albums the six members of La Femme have succeeded in renewing the French pop landscape. A success story on an international scale.

Updated on 17/06/2019

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Since the creation of the group in Biarritz in the early 2010s, friendship has united the members of La Femme. A bond which has existed since childhood between the two founding members, Marlon Magnée and Sacha Got, who, once they were reunited in Paris, surrounded themselves with the best. Animated by a DIY mindset, they manage not only their own tours, but also their own music videos. In 2013, they released their first album, Psycho Tropical Berlin, under their own label.

Popular with critics and listeners alike, La Femme didn't stop there. They repeated that success three years later with Mystère, a second album released by Barclay Records which again displayed their rich and powerful musical universe.

Influenced by California surf rock and the psychedelic universe of the sixties, La Femme's compositions draw on eclectic musical references to create a sound which leans towards electro and new wave

Within the six-musician group, each member adds his or her own touch. The singers who trade off on stage or in the studio, such as Clara Luciani, succeed in to imbuing the witty texts with great charm, most of which are written by the founding duo.

Whether it is a question of his contemporaries’ love lives or, more prosaically, of a song about taxis (“ Antitaxi ») or fungal infections (“les mycoses”) (“ Mycose "), La Femme is always doing something unexpected, with elegance and plenty of irony.

While the group sings in French, its influence reaches far beyond the borders of France. They experienced their first successes in the United States even before the release of their first album, Psycho Tropical Berlin. Upon its release, La Femme performed across Europe, including at the famous Isle Of Wight Festival (UK) in 2015.

Their ever-growing fan base is captivated by the energy of frenetic performances which mix the playful costumes and staging of these modern dandies.

Gradually, the group is becoming a key figure in the best international line-ups: After a new tour in the United States in 2017, La Femme will play the enormous Sziget Festival (Hungary) in summer 2018. On stage, they offer the image of an uninhibited French youth with serious musical ambitions.

"La Femme "
"La Femme "
  • 2010


    La Femme's writes their first hit, "Sur la planche”. This is when the group really takes shape.

  • 2012


    After a second EP, the group decides to go to the United States, where they perform more than thirty concerts.

  • 2013


    The group releases its first album on Barclay Records, Psycho Tropical Berlin. Erudite and situated at the crossroads of different worlds, La Femme explodes onto the French pop landscape.

  • 2016


    After three years of waiting for their growing fan base, La Femme releases their second album, Mystère.

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The title “Where the world is headed” (“Où va le monde”) (Mystère, 2016) is offered to learners of French as a foreign language in an app dedicated to French song ("What's more, I sing French!/Et en plus je chante français !” / Divercities).


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