Novembre Numérique
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Novembre Numérique

  • Monde
01 - 30 November 2020
Across the world, from New Zealand to Colombia, Hong Kong to Togo, Spain to Brazil, Germany to the Comoro Islands, artists, philosophers, gamers, entrepreneurs, creators and makers will explore the digital revolution in all its forms, practices, uses and challenges.

In a very rich programme on five continents, Novembre Numérique will explore new forms of creation: virtual and augmented reality, video games, new narratives, digital art, music and theatre, and will decipher the changes in our societies: gender equality, participatory democracy, transhumanism, robotics, dissemination of knowledge, language and culture. Through workshops, debates, shows, exhibitions, hackathons and escape games, amateurs and experts, both French and foreign, will together decode the 21st century.

Managed by the Institut français and the French cultural network abroad, Novembre Numérique showcases French digital talents and promotes international collaborations with experts from around the world.


One month, four key words :



  • Learn to use digital tools and understand their uses;
  • Learn computer programming, browsing social networks, and searching the web, and receive digital training
  • Make the most of the Institut français’ digital platforms and offers: IFpros, Culturethèque, IFcinema etc.



  • Discover the best of French digital creation through exhibitions, performances and artistic installations;  
  • Meet digital creators and the chance for actors from the cultural, artistic, educational and linguistic sectors to exchange ideas;
  • Organise creative and participatory workshops: connected objects, new narratives, interactive works etc.



  • Discover and experiment with independent and cultural video games in all their diversity;
  • Use the game as a medium for creation, debate and dialogue.



  • Provide the keys to understanding the digital society: digital humanities, artificial intelligence, open source,  big data democratisation of knowledge etc.;
  • Embrace innovative digital formats to enrich and renew debate on ideas.