24h de Nuit et d'idées
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Nuit des idées 2021

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28 - 28 January 2021
Public debate
The 6th Nuit des Idées takes place on 28 January 2021 on the theme of “Closer”, with an invitation issued to over 100 countries and 200 towns and cities around the world bringing artists, intellectuals and representatives of civil society together to debate our relationships with space, new forms of solidarity with which to tackle the public health, economic and social crisis, or the building of contemporary – and distanced – social forms.

To improve the way that ideas and knowledge circulate in a time of restricted mobility, the Institut français is breaking new ground for the occasion by inviting audiences from around the world to enjoy a unique and exceptional digital experience, live on social media, entitled “24h of Night and Ideas”, from the islands of Fiji to California, from urban strolls to major interviews, artistic performances to discussions, on the road, with an intellectual, in a taxi or on a boat.