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The Cinémathèque Afrique

Foreign professionals / French professionals / Members of French diplomatic network
Charged with preserving and disseminating African film heritage, the Institut français holds one of the largest collections of African films from the 1960s to the present day.

Created in 1961 by the Ministry of Cooperation, the Cinémathèque Afrique contributes to the preservation, restoration, digitization, promotion and dissemination of African cinema worldwide. It provides researchers and programmers with a catalogue of over 1,700 titles, including over 600 royalty-free titles for non-commercial distribution.

Focused mainly on broadcasting abroad since its integration with the Institut français, the Cinémathèque Afrique also undertakes a distribution project through the community network in France.  

The Cinémathèque Afrique contributes to safeguarding African heritage through a restoration and digitisation programme, and puts together retrospectives and themed collections intended for international dissemination.  

Thanks to its expertise in its field, the Cinémathèque Afrique contributes to the programming of around ten festivals per month worldwide and thus helps raise the profile of African cinemas through nearly 6,000 public projections per year.

In 2012, an agreement was signed with the French National Library to take over its on-site consultation service for students and researchers.