The Cité internationale des arts

The residency programme at the Cité internationale des arts is aimed at artists, residing exclusively outside of France, who wish to undertake a research and creation project in Paris, for a period of three or six months.

Updated on 13/12/2021

  • Foreign professionals
  • Members of French diplomatic network
  • Programmes
  • Architecture
  • Visual arts
  • Photography
  • Cinema
  • Design
  • Craft
  • Book
  • Graphic novel
  • Fashion
    • Music
    • Digital
    • Theatre
    • Dance
    • Circus

"Machines à bulles" exhibition

For this Year of the Comic, the “Machines à Bulles” exhibition showcases innovative forms of comics through 24 works illustrating the new reading experiences offered by digital technology.

Updated on 15/12/2021

  • Members of French diplomatic network
  • Programmes
  • Graphic novel
  • Digital