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The Co-ordination Department in collaboration with the Network



In collaboration with the Institut français network, the Co-ordination Department comprises the interface with the supervisory authorities with whom the Institut français liaises (the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Culture). It ensures that the actions of the Institut français are consistent with the geographical and sectoral priorities defined by these supervisory authorities, and assists the sectoral departments of the Institut français by providing them with all useful information for the proper correspondence between programming and the needs on the ground.

The Institut français also supports the development of cultural and linguistic professions and contributes to the skills development of people working within the French cultural network abroad, with the aim of promoting a cross-disciplinary approach to professional practices. To this end, it organises training courses in France and supports the organisation of training courses worldwide initiated by the French cultural network. Finally, it is responsible for the organisations and management of the Institut français workshops, an annual meeting and exchange event for the French cultural network.


The Co-ordination Department in collaboration with the network is made up of two divisions.

The Network Division

The Network Division is responsible for cross-cutting geographic co-ordination with all departments of the Institut français. In dialogue with the network for co-operation and cultural action, it ensures the implementation of the external cultural action’s geographical priorities as defined by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture, either for a territory or a regional area.

It is an entry point into the network that promotes the link between the IF's intervention procedures and the priorities of the posts, notably in dialogue with the Co-operation and Cultural Action Advisors. The Network Division ensures that the priorities and programmes implemented by the posts are well known to the IF’s sectoral departments, notably during the programming period.

The Network Training Centre

The Network Training Centre supports the training and professionalisation of staff in the cultural network. Its annual programme is organised in four themes:

  • Design and implementation of cross-cutting workshops: training in France;
  • Support for the organisation of international training as part of the Regional Workshops and the Local Training Support Plan;
  • Support for the participation of network agents in digital and hybrid workshops co-produced with higher education institutions of excellence and cultural partners;
  •  Design and production of French Institute workshops in July.

The Network Training Centre supports managers in each geographic area in the design of their training project: from the analysis of the need to the deployment of training, in the customisation of training content based on local issues, in the design of innovative teaching resources, and finally in the regional sizing of projects.