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The Digital Department



The Institut français’ Digital Department supports cultural digital artists in their development and worldwide dissemination. Working closely with the diplomatic network, it promotes dialogue and collaboration with foreign professionals. It studies the impact of new technologies on the cultural sector in order to identify challenges and opportunities and ensure the adequacy of our actions.

It supports the digital transformation of cultural diplomacy by designing, in collaboration with the other departments of the Institut français, tools, programmes and events to serve our missions (access to online French cultural resources - films, books etc - providing networks of French language teachers etc.), and promoting the adoption and dissemination of good digital practices.

Finally, within a rich digital ecosystem, it supports the Institut français’ mission to promote culture, ideas and language amongst French speakers,  francophiles and culture lovers from all over the world. 

"Innovating, supporting and promoting" are the three strategic themes that frame the activities of the Digital Department for the promotion of cultural activities outside France.


The Digital Department is made up of two divisions

Digital Design and Production division

The Digital Design and Production division's main mission is to design and implement digital offerings, tools, sites, applications, etc. to promote French culture, ideas and the French language among French speakers, francophiles and culture lovers from all over the world.

The division's special focus is to manage the Institut français’ website, which was completely overhauled in 2019, in collaboration with all of the Institut français’ departments. As an expert division, it is responsible for the design and production of all listings sites related to the Institut français’ programming.

Digital Creation division

The main mission of the Digital Creation Division is to support French digital creation internationally: video games, immersive realities, innovative books, digital arts, digital mediation, new audiovisual writing etc.

Its tasks are divided into three parts:

  • To identify the subjects and players of French digital culture and disseminate this information to the network and cultural professionals via dedicated sites:,,
  • To offer the cultural network mobile and modular offerings around digital cultural activities (Digital November, mobile exhibitions of video games, innovative books and virtual reality).
  • To support French cultural digital professionals internationally, and facilitate collaborations and the export of their digital works, products or services worldwide, notably through Focus programmes.